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Bernadette - Metn

Bernadette's family has been working in the copper engraving profession for more than thirty-five years. She took over the family business after her father retired.

The work varies from manufacturing trophies, Buckles and brass ornaments to printing clichés.

Bernadette wants to ensure the continuation and improvement of the business so she always seeks to follow-up on the latest developments in the industry. She was able through a micro loan she received from vitas s.a.l. under OPIC guarantee to Modernize machinery and equipment and the purchase of supplies and raw materials.

Bernadette also aspires to expand her product line to include items in high demand.


Khalil - Nabatieh

Khalil is baker and lives and works in the city of Nabatieh he opened his bakery a startup business a year and a half ago. khalil is an enthusiastic man he succeeded in getting his business going and has gained a lot of regular customers. He managed through a loan from vitas s.a.l. to purchase a new dough making machine which increased the speed and volume of his production and  improved the quality of his bread and baked goods. Khalil aims to use the next loan to purchase a new oven and further enhance the quality of his products.


Hussein - Nabatieh

Hussein has a garage in the village of Haruf – Nabatiyeh district and his business is the maintenance of  automotive vehicles. Hussein is an energetic young man he founded his business several years ago working in the sale and repair of tires, spare parts in addition to changing the oil for automotive vehicles. he managed through a loan from vitas to expand his shop, add sophisticated machinery and equipment. He used the last loan obtained to replenish his stock of oils, tires and parts necessary for his work.
Hussein is seeking through a new loan from Vitas s.a.l. to buy a machine that measures and rectifies wheel alignment.